Turning Market's Mistrust into Profitable Online and TV Ad Campaigns for a Cremation Company

Jamie is the owner of a company offering cremations and funerals. He’s also a marketer himself, which makes him a terrific client to work with.

His innovative service is a “simple cremation” - you don’t have to leave your home to complete all arrangements for your loved one’s cremation.

Cremation Services of Florida - Landing Page Makeover

Jamie has been running Google Ads campaigns but was unhappy with the results. He was simply bleeding money and not getting enough leads. The problem was the poor-quality landing page. The Google Ads marketer helping with Jamie’s campaign suggested reaching out to me to improve the landing page.

1) The Strategy Sit-Down

The old version

  • The landing page didn’t explain the innovative service well enough
  • No proper flow
  • The landing page didn’t inspire trust
  • Text was hard to read
  • A few UX bugs
  • An underutilized mobile version


2) Market research and avatar interviews

Jamie understands sales and marketing very well, so it’s been a breeze to extract his experience and build the customer avatar.

Two most important discoveries about the market:

-The funeral industry has a bad reputation for dishonest pricing with hidden fees and taking advantage of people in distress

-People who choose cremation over a funeral want simplicity and lower prices (“I just want a simple cremation”)

3) Structure of the argument

Here’s the flow of the argument we want to make on our page

Short landing page or long landing page?

  • We know you want a simple cremation, and that’s exactly what we’re offering
  • You can complete all the arrangements without leaving your home, no visits to a funeral home (which we know you don’t like)
  • You can trust us (you can see our faces, our experience, read our personal story)
  • Clear, fixed pricing, “no hidden costs” guarantee
  • We’re explaining the process in detail so that you know how everything works

In this case, we actually need both approaches.

Traffic is coming from Google Ads campaigns (high intent) as well as TV ads (mostly low intent).

Cremation is a service that people often need right now, so that’s an argument to make the landing page shorter (quick action).

However, it’s an innovative service, which needs a bit of explanation. Secondly, we want to build trust by telling Jamie’s personal story and explaining the “no hidden fees” pricing in detail.

We ended up going with a very clear “above the fold” section that displays enough information for a visitor to act without scrolling down.

Then, if the visitor wants to know more, they will see next sections talking about the pricing, the process, Jamie’s personal story, etc.

4) Technology, design, implementation

Branding and design - what the page should feel like:



-Needs to look like a local, family-owned company (cannot look too polished, then people will assume it’s a big company)


5) The new version

In the short video below I'm explaining the logic behind all the sections.

6) The results

"With the new landing page we started getting a few phone calls a day from the Adwords campaign. After launching a TV ads campaign we're looking to increase it to 20-40 calls a day. I'm happy with the page, it's an asset we can use for years "

Jamie Watts

Cremation Services of Florida

8020 IM Solutions

590 Kingston Road, London,

United Kingdom, SW20 8DN