We’re working on a lead-gen campaign for a local house painting crew in Melbourne, Australia.

The goal:

Get enough leads with Google Ads for the client to start a second painting crew and have a waiting list for 2 months in advance.

A local house painting company in Australia

The problem:

The client has an elegant website but none of the pages were suitable for Google Ads campaigns. He was getting new jobs through referrals but wanted to grow faster.

The old page:

❌ The copy doesn’t engage the visitor

❌ The Unique Selling Proposition is not strong enough

❌ The page doesn’t answer “why should I trust you”

The old page

The new page


We’ve used colors from our client’s website - they’re experts in colors after all : )

We needed the page to look “local” - it cannot look too polished or modern because people will assume it’s one of the big companies that don’t have a good reputation as home improvement contractors.

Above-the-fold section

This page was used for a Google Ads campaign which implies high intent. We want to highlight enough key information so some of the prospects can take action without scrolling down.

The argument

Firstly, we convince the visitor why they should use a professional painter instead of a DIY painting.

Then we highlight the client's unique benefits - excellent customer care, high quality that lasts longer, and a free color design consultation with a professional interior designer.

“Why should I trust you?”

We put testimonials from happy clients and before-and-after pictures of typical houses from more affluent neighborhoods of Melbourne (which our client wants to target).

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