I’ve given a few speeches and workshops on the topics of landing pages, messaging, copywriting, and conversion rate optimization.

Workshops and Presentations

Depending on the audience, the topic can be either more general and informative (why and what) or specific and actionable (what and how).

  • $133.26 billion spent on ad clicks in 2019 was wasted. How to make sure your landing page converts expensive traffic into sales.
  • Messaging - a rock-solid foundation you need to build before scaling your marketing.
  • How to write an offer that makes your website visitors say "OMG, I want that!".
  • Why starting with the design is killing your profits.
  • A step-by-step process used by CRO experts for creating landing pages.
  • Simple frameworks for improving your landing pages and get predictable conversions boosts.
  • Why A/B tests suck and what you can do instead.
  • How to deploy your landing pages 50% faster.

What do I talk about?



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